Coaching at GMan-GOLF

GMan-GOLF is here to help you on the journey to better golf.
You may be aiming at getting to scratch and below, or be a golfer who wants to get below 90, 85 or 80, or a golfer who needs a quick-fix. 
Perhaps you're a golfer with a specific goal like gaining a scholarship or someone starting out on the journey from the very beginning. 
At GMan-GOLF, it doesn’t matter. We have, or we can build a journey for you.

Each golfer has a unique combination of physical dimensions and strength, athletic ability and flexibility, and swing shape and skill. For each golfer there are usually very simple and quick steps to ... See more
My passion for teaching and for the game of golf has never been stronger and I'm excited to be able to develop players both physically and mentally. Read my coaching philosophy here.
Though GMan-GOLF provides instruction to students of all levels, a majority of my time has been devoted to Junior Golf.
Our junior golf coaching programs are aimed at helping juniors golfers become the best golfers they can be, all while having fun and developing a love for the game. Find out more about our private ... See more
We're here to help you play better golf and have more fun. Start your journey with our adult long-term coaching program.
Here are a few popular tools used to help improve your game.
Inside your Edufii training space, you can easily capture, store and organize all your lesson notes, drills, and session recaps with video, photos, audio & training notes.
Watch videos of our golfers, of tips that can help your game, and more.
Get back to golf stronger, faster, better with Sport and Orthopedic Physical Therapy by Paddy Jarit.